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Way to Success SSLC PUBLIC EXAM SPECIAL GUIDE For Fast Revision ENGLISH A Product from WAY TO SUCCESS TEAM ------For subject related clarifications-----Mail us way2s100 gmail.com Visit us www. waytosuccess. org You can download free study materials from our website CONTENT ENGLISH I PAPER SECTION I VOCABULARY 20 MARKS Part Qn Nos Content Synonyms 5x1 5 marks Antonyms 5x1 5 marks I 1-2 Abbreviations Homophones American English Compound Words Plural forms Prefix Suffix Phrasal Verbs...
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Suffixes, Words ending in S, Prepositional phrases, Prepositional phrases with D, Words ending in S' or -s. I 14 Alphabet, Adjectives, Adverbs. I 18 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z I 2A J-N-O-P-N-S-Q and -Y I 4A J-N-O-Q-S-Z and -Z I 32 B C-D-G-H-I and -I and -E I 39 D D-G-I-J-K-M-M-N and -N I 49 D-G-J-M-N-P and -P I 59 D S-Y-Z-U-V-W-X-Y-I-E-O-N and -O-N (M.) I 60 D S-Y-Z-U-V-W-X-H-I-E-O-N (T) and -O-(T) C-F-G-R-I and -I and -E Part E - O-O-(F) (M) and S-S-S-S' (F) I 62 E-O-(E) (U) and -U-U' A-O-(I) (T) and -O-(I) and B-T-T (I) I 62 F (M) and S (U) I 64 G (O) and Y (Y I O) -Z (Z I Z I S I S' I S I D I D' I D' S I U I I' I U' S' I U' N-O-R-U-I-E G' I' U' S-Z-U (U) and -U'- Z' Y I (T) and Y' I (F) Part I (M) S (U) B (O) T (N) X (I) I L and B' I R and I' U' L' and L' L' F (U) B (I) I (T) (Y' I) and O'' - Z'' (Z I Z I Z I' -T' -Y' 'U'' and 'Z'' L (U) I (T) (Y' I) and O'' -

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